Therapy Services in Guntersville, AL 

Marshall Manor

Marshall Manor resident using our therapy services

Marshall Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s on-site therapy department offers the best in physical, occupational, and speech therapy services specializing in: restorative, wound, diabetic, and hospice care, pain management, and mental health. We strive to give individualized care that meets each resident’s needs.

Physical Therapy

After a careful evaluation, a plan of care is established to optimize movement, flexibility, balance, strengthening and muscle control to facilitate the mobility and independence of each patient. We use rehab equipment, clinical procedures, and measurable outcomes that help each patient make progress quickly.

Occupational Therapy

The goal of Occupational Therapy is for the patient to be independent in activities of daily living, things most of us take for granted, like bathing, dressing, eating and cooking. After assessing what a new patient can do and understanding what they need to be able to do independently in their home environment, a detailed plan of treatment is put in place for the patient to develop needed range of motion and upper body strength. The objective is functional independence and the highest degree of dignity.

Speech Therapy

Often our patients need help with communication or swallowing difficulties, especially after experiencing a stroke. Through retraining and the application of specialized clinical techniques, our Speech-Language Pathologists are able to optimize a patient’s most critical functions of living and communication as well as eating and swallowing food for nutrition.

Skilled Nursing

Most of our rehabilitation patients require Skilled Nursing care associated with their reason for coming to our Medicare Certified Rehabilitation Program. We provide 24-hour Skilled Nursing coverage to meet the unique needs of each individual patient each and every day.


Social Work/Discharge Planning

Our in-house social workers will work directly with you and your representatives to facilitate an easy transfer from the hospital to our rehabilitation program and then from our program to home or a longer term stay with us. We can help coordinate many resources that will make the process much easier for you and your family members after discharge.

Rehabilitation Center Offering:
  • Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy

  • NuStep which is used for cardio, range of motion, upper and lower strength and strengthening lung capacity

  • Speech Therapy offering vital stem and muscle reeducation

  • Modalities including stem and ultra sound

Specialized Rehabilitation Services For:
  • Stroke

  • Hip Fracture

  • Hip/Knee Replacement

  • Amputations

  • Cardiac Disease

  • Generalized Weakness

  • Balance Disorders

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Pneumonia

  • Communication Disorders

  • Weight Loss

  • Swallowing Disorders