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Welcome to Marshall Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a 91-bed facility offering trained, effective, and dedicated staff including R.N.'s and L.P.N.'s 24 hours a day.  Our full-time activities staff provides constant, planned activities and beauty and barber shop services, all while promoting independence, safety, and quality of life for everyone.

Warm, welcoming accommodations and excellent senior wellness programs are designed to help our residents stay physically active and young at heart while meeting their unique social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and vocational needs.

Services Available


At Marshall Manor, a range of therapy services are available at our rehabilitation center to help patients get ready to reenter the world. Physical therapy helps patients regain strength and ability through a personalized treatment plan.


Occupational therapy aims to help patients develop various skills necessary throughout daily life. These include activities like fastening clothing, taking care of personal hygiene, and other important abilities that give patients a sense of independence.


Speech therapy provides another way for us to meet the needs of our patients, since those who have suffered strokes or other health issues may need help relearning to communicate.


Our speech-language pathologists help patients improve their speech and perform the vital functions. The in-house availability of these services is convenient for our patients and helps them make the most of their stay.


Our therapy services are catered to common injuries and issues affecting our patients, including:

  • Stroke

  • General weakness

  • Swallowing disorder

  • Hip fracture

  • Cardiac disease

  • Amputations

  • Hip and knee replacements


Short and Long Term Stays

Our facility is available for both short term and long term care, making us the only option allowing both in the city of Guntersville, Alabama.


We have a range of patients with us at any given time, and our goal is always to welcome them and focus on their well-being. Our therapy and other programs are designed to help them improve their lives through specialized care.


Respite care is an option available through us. This is designed to take over for a home carer when that person has a vacation or other break schedule. This type of stay typically lasts for five days, with a hospice provider covering costs.


Marshall Manor Amenities

To make our patients feel as home as possible, our facility has several amenities available. Scheduled events for socializing and entertainment keep patients busy.


Our barbershop and beauty parlor lets residents keep up their appearances, to help them look their best and keep up their confidence.


Short-term residents can enjoy the benefits of a private room, including WiFi, cable television and telephones, to ensure they have plenty of entertainment during their stays.


The 13 rooms available also include private restrooms. These rooms are designed to make each patient feel at home during their short term care with us.


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Marshall Manor Nursing and Rehab Center in Guntersville, Alabama