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What is Considered Short Term Rehabilitation?

Nursing and rehabilitation centers offer different levels of care, depending on the needs of a patient. After an acute illness or injury, patients often need short term care that includes the services of skilled nurses trained in physical recovery and rehabilitation. A stay at a short term rehabilitation center varies from only a few days to many weeks, depending on the patient's needs and functional capacity.

What Is Considered Short Term Rehabilitation?

Short term rehabilitation is also known as post-acute or skilled nursing care. Physicians prescribe short term care for patients that need concentrated help after suffering from an injury, illness or after surgery. The term of rehabilitation varies according to the patient's condition and prognosis. If a patient can go home after a hospital stay and only return to a facility for scheduled rehabilitation appointments, a stay in a short term rehabilitation center is not necessary.

Short Term Rehabilitation Characteristics

A stay in short term rehabilitation center is always temporary with a goal of returning home as soon as possible. While in the center, the patient receives care 24 hours per day from skilled providers who are able to handle any new issues or setbacks as they arise. This transitional period is a vital part of recovery and includes a variety of therapy types, including physical, speech, occupational, and others. For those with specific dietary needs, a dietitian on staff ensures proper nutrition during the stay.

Short Term Rehabilitation Benefits

The primary benefit for patients receiving short term care is the ability to recover while being monitored for emergency setbacks. The medical team involves providers who treat acute issues and those who have the goal of assisting patients in regaining strength, coordination, stamina and balance. Access to this type of care around the clock often leads to a faster and more complete recovery than attempting to recover at home. A short term rehab center allows patients to feel more comfortable than in a hospital setting, giving them the freedom to bring in food, clothes and personal items of their choosing. A quality short term rehabilitation center lets patients experience many of the comforts at home while still having the peace of mind of constant medical care.

Who Needs Short Term Rehabilitation?

Not all patients need short term care after a hospital stay since most can transition back home immediately. Some surgeries that include orthopedic, cardiac or pulmonary conditions need additional time under the care of medical professionals without a prolonged hospital stay. Severe acute illnesses often need extra recovery time since the patient needs to regain strength and stamina. Some patients also need continuous IV treatment that must be administered by a medical professional. Many short term centers also provide end of life and hospice care to patients who would like to spend their time with around the clock compassionate, comfortable and peaceful care.

Quality Short Term Rehabilitation Center

Acute post-surgery or illness care should be as comfortable as possible. If you or a loved one are recovering from an illness or have an upcoming surgery that will likely require a stay at a short term care rehab center in Guntersville, Marshall Manor Nursing and Rehab Center provides high-quality and compassionate care in a comfortable and safe facility. For more information on their services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 256-582-6561.


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